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Madison and Silas-part one

He drove until he found a nature park. Parking the car, getting the blanket, and finding a grassy spot were easy.
She shivered and he held her closer, wrapping the blanket around them.
“Baby, you’re so beautiful,” Silas breathed, “I never want this night to end. Let’s just lay here forever.”
“Mmmmm,” Madison sighed, “I don’t care what people say about you. I think you’re perfect. You’re the most romantic and gentle person I’ve ever met.”
He hugged Madison and whispered in her ear, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too,” she smiled. She lightly rubbed his stomach under his shirt. Silas responded by caressing her face. He gazed at her peaceful face. Feeling like someone was watching her, Madison opened her eyes. Silas immediately smiled. He softly rubbed he chest under her shirt, not breaking her gaze. Madison smiled back and nodded. With that Silas slowly peeled off his love’s shirt. A baby blue bra rested naturally over her small chest. Madison knew that once her shirt was off the light was green to remove his. She reached for the top button on his grey and yellow plaid shirt. As Madison undid each button she lovingly kissed his chest and stomach. She slipped the shirt off his shoulders.
“Mmmm, I love when you kiss my chest,” Silas breathed. She ran her hands down his chest, down his stomach and brushing her fingers lightly over his zipper. She felt that he was growing hard. The thought of being able to give him so much pleasure mad her smile. As she lightly teased him over his pants Silas reached to her back and fiddled with the bra hook. He got it undone and let it slide to the floor. Silas pulled his girl close and kissed her lips.
Silas gazed into her eyes and caressed her cheek tenderly, “Baby girl…I love you so much…. could I…well, I want to make love to you.”
She nuzzled against his chest and smiled.
“I promise, I’ll be so gentle. I wont hurt you and I’ll go slowly. I just want to feel your body close to mine. It’d be so safe and warm inside you…I want to give myself to you.”
“Shhhh…baby boy,” she touched a finger to his lips, “Making love to you would be amazing. I know you’d never hurt me. You’re the sweetest guy in the whole world. You’re so gentle and caring.”
She stroked his cheek and Silas ran his fingers through his baby’s hair. Madison grabbed his hips and slowly pulled his boxers down. All the while he was gazing into her eyes and planting soft kisses on her face. Silas felt her small hand tenderly stroking his dick. He pulled her underwear off gently and grasped her tighter.
She began to kiss his neck and the kisses trailed down to his forearm where fresh scars and cuts lay. She delicately kissed his cuts, making sure not to hurt him. Her lips would occasionally linger; not moving, just breathing.
“I wish you wouldn’t hurt yourself sweet boy.”
He looked down, ashamed, “I’m sorry. It’s just that sometimes that’s the only thing that makes me feel better.”
She smiled softly and held his hands, “I know. I just wish I could be there for you when you feel this bad.”
He blinked back tears and whispered, “You are there for me. All the time.” He took her hand and placed it over his heart. He squeezed her hand and she squeezed back. Their lips met and they tenderly kissed. Tears started to run from their eyes. Gazing at one another, both their hearts ached to be closer.
Silas gently pushed his hips against his loves’. Her breath caught and she pushed back. They started a slow pace and then Silas murmured into her ear.
“Can I be inside you now?”
Madison smiled softly, “That’d be nice.”
They both shifted so they were on their sides; facing each other. He stared into her warm eyes and saw everything that he loved about her. She gazed back at Silas and felt her body ache for him. This is whom she wants to give herself to.
He moved around so he felt himself against her opening.
He took a deep breath, “I’m ready when you are sweetie.”
Madison smiled and nodded, “I’m ready.”
Their eyes pierced one another as Silas delicately pushed he into her. He whimpered as he felt her moist skin hug his dick. Madison closed her eyes and bit her lip, pulling him closer. They lay still for a moment, adjusting to the feeling of being one. He reached out and gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand.
Madison opened her eyes and saw tears brimming in Silas’. His hand stopped and he held her face, bringing it close to his own. He nuzzled his cheek against her’s and murmured, “Sweet girl…. I love you so much.”
She let out a small sigh and whispered back, “I love you too baby boy.”
Their lips met and kissed. With each kiss Madison and Silas grew more passionate. The kisses deepened and their tongues danced feverishly.
He started to slide back and forth inside her. She moaned as they kissed and pressed his hips against her own. He felt a tingling inside him that he never knew existed. It wasn’t the immense physical pleasure, but it was having someone there with him. To truly connect with another human being.
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