Marcy (pickles85) wrote in forlonelyhearts,

Not complaining, I have to vent

Yeah, curiousity killed me first, then the cat. I was wondering what happened to my first boyfriend, J. We started dating in 95 and dated through high school until a week before I left for college in 98, when he cheated on me and dumped me for L. I haven't seen him since 99 and had heard rumors that he and L got married. Let me clarify that I don't love him, am completly over him and harbor no ill will toward him. So I was looking through our county phonebook yesterday and looked him up. Sure enough there was their names, J and L. So they had been married. For some reason, I felt funny. I can't explain how I feel. It just feels weird to have your first boyfriend married off to some girl he dumped you for. I feel like a tool. I'm 25, been single for 4 years and have no prospects while my friends are slowly getting married off. Augh. I can't explain how I feel.

Has anyone else had an ex get married and felt strange about it?
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