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I recently joined this community, so I thought that it would be proper for me to introduce myself. I am Franz. The most accurate description of myself may be given in one word. I am a nerd. I listen to classical music primarily along with some operatic selections in addition to other forms. My two passions are music and science. I play the horn in the local symphony, and I am studying chemical engineering.
Before I may tell you my story, I feel that I must ask how long I may write it. It is a story going back four years: two and half years of build up, half a year of perpetual failure, and one full year of depression, mental disunion, the Cycle of Lunacy, unpleasant visions and other schizophrenic tendencies, and finally somewhat of a conclusion. I am learning to put it behind me, yet I am unsure where to go since I have never really been anywhere else. Have I come to the right place? Thank you for your time.

- Franz
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